Mohammad Arshad Rahman

Department of Economic Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


As a professor, I have taught courses in Economics, Econometrics, Finance, and Statistics in three different countries: India, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America. On several occasions, students have found my teaching effective and beneficial resulting in high scores in student course evaluations. A sample of commendations and course evaluations from the recent past are listed below.

  • ECO341A, Econometrics I, Summer 2023: Commendation Letter from the Director, IIT Kanpur, India.
  • Student Evaluation FIN-308-006, Introduction to Finance, Spring 2022, Zayed University, UAE.
  • Student Evaluation FIN-422-002, Financial Markets, Spring 2022, Zayed University, UAE.
  • Student Evaluation FIN-422-901, Financial Markets, Spring 2022, Zayed University, UAE.
  • Student Evaluation FIN-421-901, Financial Planning & Forecasting, Fall 2022, Zayed University, UAE.
  • Student Evaluation FIN-422-001, Financial Markets, Fall 2022, Zayed University, UAE.

The list of courses taught in different universities are as follows.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India

  1. Bayesian Data Analysis, ECO543A
    (Semester II, 2013-14; Semester II, 2014-15; Semester II, 2015-16; Semester II, 2016-17)

  2. Bayesian Econometrics, ECO545A
    (Semester II, 2017-18; Semester II, 2018-19; Semester II, 2019-20; Semester I, 2020-21; Semester II, 2022-23; Semester II, 2023-24)

  3. Data Analysis in R and Python, ECO923
    (Jan-Mar, 2024; modular course for the e-Masters program in Climate Finance and Sustainability)

  4. Econometrics I, ECO341A
    (Semester I, 2013-14; Semester I, 2014-15; Semester I, 2015-16; Semester I, 2016-17; Semester I, 2017-18; Semester I, 2018-19; Summer 2019; Semester I, 2019-20; Summer 2023; Semester I, 2023-24)

  5. Econometrics II, ECO342A
    (Semester II, 2013-14; Semester II, 2014-15)

  6. International Economics and Finance, ECO412A
    (Semester I, 2014-15)

  7. Panel Data Procedures and Analysis, ECO542A
    (Semester I, 2019-20)

University of California, Irvine, California, United States

  1. Probability & Statistics, ECON 15A
    (Summer Session I, 2014)

Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  1. Financial Markets, FIN422
    (Semester II, 2021-22; Semester I, 2022-23)

  2. Financial Planning and Forecasting, FIN421
    (Semester I, 2022-23)

  3. Introduction to Finance, FIN308
    (Semester II, 2020-21; Semester I, 2021-22; Semester II, 2021-22)